Main Ergonomic Products

Are you looking for standing desks? The Kangaroo range of height adjustable desks by Ergo Desktop offers a sit-stand solution.

We are the sole stockists of the NewLife Eco-Pure anti-fatigue mats by GelPro
Looking for ergonomic chairs or work stools? The Muvman range offers great posture support for both standing and sitting.

Three new chairs are soon to be available on line from top German seating specialists:

The 3dee by Aeris is the brilliant  new chair by the manufacturers of the Muvman stool. 3dee continues the philosophy of giving your body the space to keep moving through the day. This will be in stock from mid March

Project Ergo also work closely with manufacturers Klober and Viasit who have extensive experience in developing well engineered and distinctively designed ergonomic desk chairs. Already in stock these will be available through the website very soon. Please email or call for more information.

Standing Desk & Ergonomic Chair Suppliers

Welcome to Project Ergo - standing desk and ergonomic chair suppliers in the UK, delivering to clients across Europe. We are the sole UK distributors of the Kangaroo height adjustable desks by Ergo Desktop, and offer workstation seating that is great for improving posture. Here and on our blog, you will also find advice on ergonomics and standing at work to improve health and business productivity. 


Why Ergonomic Furniture?

More and more people are coming to realise that the sitting all day is bad for their body, and choosing ergonomic furniture can help alleviate a range of conditions, such as RSI (repetitive strain injury), carpal tunnel syndrome and neck or back pain. 

Prolonged periods seated reduces the blood flow through our lower body and all too often the way we sit at our desk is bad for our posture and can lead to the back and neck pain experienced by many office workers. 

Having the ability to alternate between working with a seated or standing desk position can really help keep our bodies moving through the day. Increased mobility and better blood circulation increases our productivity as well as looking after our bodies.

The KANGAROO height adjustable desk range offers a simple way to facilitate this without having to change your existing home or office desk system. As the UK Ergo Desktop standing desk suppliers, we deliver this popular range, which has been reviewed as one of the best ergonomic office furniture prducts by many leading innovation and work productivity publications. 

The Muvman variable standing / sitting stool adds a valuable new dimension to working standing up with the benefit of support whilst promoting good posture and blood circulation. 

Based in London, we are UK suppliers of standing desks, seating and other ergonomic furniture products to clients across Europe.