Project Ergo for Ergonomic Desks, Seating & more.

About Project Ergo Ltd

Project Ergo was set up in 2013 by David Argent building on 25 years experience in office furniture.

We are much more than an online shop - we provide advice and guidence to individuals and organisations looking to purchase ergonomic desks, seating and other furniture.

Whether it is a single desk and chair or the refurbishemnt of the office or meeting rooms we have the experience and expertise to help you. Working with trusted supply partners here, in the US and across Europe, we are able to provide our clients with the right solution for their needs.

Why Ergonomic Furniture?

More and more people are coming to realise that the sitting all day is bad for their body, and choosing ergonomic furniture can help alleviate a range of conditions, such as RSI (repetitive strain injury), carpal tunnel syndrome and neck or back pain.

Prolonged periods seated reduces the blood flow through our lower body and all too often the way we sit at our desk is bad for our posture and can lead to the back and neck pain experienced by many office workers. Having the ability to alternate between working with a seated or standing desk position can really help keep our bodies moving through the day. Increased mobility and better blood circulation increases our productivity as well as looking after our bodies.


We hope you find what you need and to a healthy, productive working day!

David Argent
Director, Project Ergo Ltd