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GelPro Mat Review - Recommended by ErgoHacks

Here we summarise the GelPro Mat review published by Ergohacks online magazine earlier this year. At Project Ergo, we chose to stock the GelPro as we believe it to be the best anti-fatigue mat for use with standing desks, so we were delighted that it was also recommended by ErgoHacks.

"The GelPro AntiFatigue Mat is the first one that actually makes a difference"

GelPro anti-fatigue mat for standing desks

ErgoHacks is a website that discusses and reviews products and process that can make your work and lifestyle healthier and more effective.

Chris of ErgoHacks reviewed the New Life Eco Pro Anti-Fatigue Mat from GelPro alongside one of our Kangaroo standing desks.

Chris had tried various products and set ups to make standing at work more comfortable, but had been unimpressed with both paid-for and DIY options.

With this previous experience, he admits he didn't see the point, but was willing to give it a go, as experimenting to see what works is the ErgoHacks way. And he was both pleasantly surprised and quickly won over:

"...after a couple of weeks I never want to go back. "

Here are a few of the key features and benefits for standing desk users that Chris drew attention to in his GelPro mat review:

  • Simple to use - just put it in front of your standing desk and stand on it - there you go
  • The may feels "very slightly squishy but supportive"
  • Resistant memory foam that gives a little, but moulds to your shape and helps you to hold a comfortable position
  • As part of a standing desk set-up, it contributes to a working environment that aids Ergonomics, Vision, Dexterity, Mobility and Cognitive function
  • Eco-friendly, as Bio-Foam is made from plant extracts, unlike alternative mats that are made from EPS, derived from fossil fuels
  • Highly durable - David at Project Ergo had used the mat tested by Chris for 18 months and Chris said he would not have know if David hadn't told him.

So the final verdict in the Ergohacks GelPro mat review?

"After several years of various standing desks and trying and rejecting multiple mats the GelPro AntiFatigue Mat is the first one that actually makes a difference – and a significant one – for me. Add to that decent eco-friendly credentials and if you’re using a standing desk or just standing up a lot on one place on a hard floor you should be considering this. Recommended. "

Here at Project Ergo could can buy the New Life Eco Pro Anti-Fatigue Mat online securely on our website or by calling +44 (0)203 837 4919 for advice on this, standing desks or other ergonomic products.

You can also read the full review here on the ErgoHacks website to see more of what Chris had to say.

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