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Using the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Standing Desk

Many of you will have seen the BBC programme 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor' with Michael Mosley. Here in the first experiment of it's kind, researchers at the University of Chester demonstrated how simply standing for 3-4 hours a day can transform your health.

An Estate Agent's office was equipped with electrically operated sit-stand desks. For most of us changing our workstation in this way is either not practical or too expensive.

That is where the range of 'Kangaroo' desk top units provides an easy and cost effective solution: there is no need to change your existing desk.

Simply place the 'Kangaroo' on your desk and give yourself the freedom to change between a seated and standing work position.

As well as saving on cost you will not have to disturb existing cabling in your desk but more importantly the 'Kangaroo' has dual ergonomics allowing you to change the height of your monitor in relation to the work surface. This is key to maintaining good ergonomics.

See for yourself how this works

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