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GelPro Anti-Fatigue Mat

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GelPro Anti-Fatigue Mat
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New-Life ECO PRO anti-fatigue mat by GelPro. A great ergonomic, comfortable solution for anyone who spends long periods standing at work.

Manufactured from polyurethane 'Bio-Foam' to give the very best comfort and support when standing.

We deliver across the UK and Europe.


The New-Life ECO PRO anti-fatigue mat by GelPro is a non-slip solution that can be placed anywhere - in the home, office, kitchen, mechanic workshop or shop counter - anywhere you might spend long periods standing.

It helps to reduce fatigue and pain in the feet, legs and back by providing pressure-relief and support with its unique gel cushioning system. Now available from stock in the UK for the first time.

Over 1 million GelPro mats sold in the US, this excellent product has been featured in numerous publications, such as USA Today, Popular Mechanics, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

It measures 20" deep x 32" wide x 0.85" thick.

Manufactured from polyurethane 'Bio-Foam' to give the very best comfort and support when standing.

With a highly durable, one-piece construction and high-density foam, it does not lose its shape or bounce - even with heavy duty use.

Chris of online magazine Ergohacks, recommended this as the best anti fatigue mat he had tried, saying it left him feeling much better and never wanting to go back. Here's just a snippet of the GelPro Mat Review published on their website in 2016:

"After several years of various standing desks and trying and rejecting multiple mats the GelPro AntiFatigue Mat is the first one that actually makes a difference – and a significant one – for me. Add to that decent eco-friendly credentials and if you’re using a standing desk or just standing up a lot on one place on a hard floor you should be considering this. Recommended. "